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New Trends in Dairy Nutrition - Fatty Acid Follies

(See Dr. Kertz Fat Feeding Fact 11)

Liquid Fat

Blending fats and oils allows nutritionists the flexibility to meet the energy needs of the animal.

Granular Fat

The manufacture of prilled fats and oils are popular energy supplements for dairy and swine.

"We enjoy servicing our clients with products which will support their efforts in achieving the energy needs of all animals."


With two different locations, Origo blends and manufacturers high-quality animal fats and vegetable oils which are designed to meet the performance energy needs of today's animal nutritional diets. Our main product lines target the dairy, swine, lamb and poultry markets. Depending on the optimal ingredient, the product will be available in either liquid, granular or both.

Origo continually reviews research data from around the world in an effort to develop high-energy formulations from fats and oils. It is our goal to stay on the cutting edge and produce high quality products for our friends and colleagues in the feed industry.