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Origo, formerly named Tri-State Grease & Tallow Co. Inc., is a family owned business which has been around for over 47 years.  The company started as a collector of restaurant grease around Minnesota and surrounding states by Lawrence Hippert, Jr.   The company grew into a major competitor in the industry which led to a sale in 1978.  Immediately, the company shifted its focus into animal nutrition where there was a growing need for fats and oil in animals’ diets.  Sourcing and blending of the different animal fats and vegetable oils grew quickly and before long Origo become a leading supplier to feed mills and farmers.  Working with nutritionists, Origo provided a service of delivering specific liquid formulations for swine, dairy and poultry in pails, barrels and tankers using trucks or rail.   In 1990, the company then observed a need for fats and oils in the dry form.  A prilling tower was erected and product is now being sold in bags and totes to distributors and feed manufacturers.  With the passing of the father in 2000, his two sons took over the management of the company.  Bruce Hippert has worked for the company since he was 15 years old and Michael Hippert joined the company in 1990.   Origo continues to improve its products line as new research and nutritionists bring about a need for change in formulations.  Origo takes pride in its service to its customers and will maintain its value as being price competitive and honest.


Bruce Hippert



Michael Hippert

Chief Executive Officer