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Supercharger II

Supercharger II is designed to easily add needed energy to a pig’s diet. Studies have shown that lactating sows will eat to meet their energy requirements; therefore improved feed efficiency through additional fat equates to less consumed feed. Supercharger II is used to increase energy density without the negative effects of grain products.

  • Supercharger II provides higher energy level in sows resulting in less weight loss and a decrease in days to weaning and rebreeding.
  • Supercharger II fed before farrowing and during lactation has shown to increase baby pig survivability.
  • Supercharger II  is easy to handle similar to our other dry fats.
Fat Product, Feed Grade
Ethoxyquin (used as a preservative)
Flavor (artificial and natural)
Guaranteed Analysis:
Total Fatty Acids99.0% Minimum
Free Fatty Acids2.0% Maximum
Moisture1.0% Maximum
Insoluble Impurities1.0% Maximum
Unsaponifiable Matter1.0% Maximum